Kim Padan: Pro-Life Speaker

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blog changes coming soon!

Hello Friends!

So...this blog started out as a stamping/card making blog.  Then I changed it last fall so I could chronicle my vacation to Italy.  I continued "regular" blogging off and on, and set up a new blog or my crafting projects.

The "problem," if I can call it that, is that my stamping friends get directed here first, because it was my first Blogger site.

I started a new website or my prolife speaking and reflections; one that is not on Blogger:  Kim Padan: ProLife Speaker.    I will work gradually on moving some relevant posts over there.   I will also work on moving some stamping projects over here.

So...stamping friends, hang tight!!

Inky {{{HUGS}}}

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