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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My NEW Space!!

(Actually, you get to see the "old" first!) Well, after a month of chaos in my home, I finally have an organized craft room!! Anyone who is into crafting, whether it's card making, quilting, or jewelry making, knows how quickly things can pile up! For me, it is ribbon and scraps of card stock that get out of hand. My full sheets are ok...even my stamps were, well, kind of organized. I just had no room left.

So, prompted by the need to re-do things for my Valentine stampin' workshops, my hubby agreed to help me redecorate! Of course, this was a set-up, because with my disability, MOST of the project was done by someone other than me!

There were the occasions of the fact that the first friend who was going to paint had to bow out due to severe health reasons...and then there was the episode of my new countertop coming off of the wall, yanking out the wall brackets, just TWO days before my workshop...

...but hey, my motto has always been "never a dull moment!"

As promised to a few of my cyber friends, I am posting before during and after fun, right?? The before pics include my post-Christmas mess, and demonstrates how much stuff I stashed on my exercise/therapy table. My wall display of Stampin' Up cards that I made or received from other Stampin' Up demos wasn't too bad...but shucks, I LOVE my new arrangement!!

2 college guys from church helped Bruce empty the room, then run some wiring. We added (ok, dear hubby added) track lighing in the ceiling, and got rid of the old red white & blue color scheme. Those 2 changes alone made a HUGE difference!! (By the way, the r/w/b colors date back to the time Bruce & I were foster parents.) Another church friend did the painting and put the Definitely Decorative items on the wall. She also helped me move things back in and organize...thanks Pam!!!!
I chose a slat board panel to display items, instead of the old poster board and kite string!! I also went through my old Stampin' Up sets...and I am actually getting rid of a lot of them. I can't even remember which ones...and I refuse to look in my big box in the den, lest I try to rescue some of them! My new, smaller cabinet is already full...but the bottom shelf has a basket full of ribbon. I want to use that up so I have room for more stamps! LOL!!

I chose the Manhattan Flowers decor elements, adding a touch of red & black. I decided to keep red because of the color of my therapy available and ready for workouts! Frankly, I am so happy with this room, that I may spend loads more time in there and less time sleeping!!

Thank goodness my workshop was this week. You see my hubby is an Indianapolis Colts fan. They will be in the Super Bowl this weekend. If my events were next week, or if the game was last weekend, my countertop may have stayed on the floor! Instead, he'll have time to relax and watch Peyton Manning, and I'll have time to play with my Sale-a-Bration freebie stamps!!

Life IS good!!!


  1. Beautiful!!! How fun for you, Kim!!! I remember how much fun I had the first few days after my room was all put together ... who am I kidding??? I am STILL having fun in there!! Isn't it wonderful that you had so many helping hands to get this accomplished??? Fabulous, my friend! Enjoy! (I know you will!)) :)

  2. Gorgeous,Kim! I love it! So glad that you got it all finished in time! I bet you'll practically *live* in there now! Looks functional AND fabulous!

  3. So nice and organized! I'm terribly jealous of your slat board wall. It looks so professional and I'll bet it hold a ton of stuff.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I will NOT covet this room, I will NOT covet this room, I will Not covet this room....

  5. hey...I need a better shot of that showcase wall! Ooh lala. It looks so much bigger and brighter! You must LIVE In there! Now, you need a laptop! haha

  6. Kim!! Oh my goodness, your room is fabulous!! I can see why your gals love hanging out there :-) What's not to LOVE?! Everything is gorgeous. You should hire out as a stamp room planner... want to come to my house? lol