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Thursday, January 21, 2010

How busy is too busy??

Hard to define "too busy" other than I think I am there! LOL!! I have not touched my stamps for over a week because of my "real" job...but that's ok. At our clinic, we have helped 6 women choose life instead of abortion this month! That is outstanding for our small-but-growing operation!

This Sunday is Sanctity of Life Sunday, so I am busy with that. I have a grant proposal due next Friday...and I am busy with plans for the spring banquet! Plus, one of my key staff members has been on vacation for 2 weeks, meaning I have covered a few appointments not usually on my schedule.

All that...and my craft room is being redecorated! The painting is nearly comlete...just some work on the trim left to do. Tomorrow, my dear hubby and the friend who is painting will be installing my slat board for displaying projects. My next Stampin' Up order is schedule to arrive on Monday with my Definitely Decorative vinyl pieces for the walls. (Thought I expedited the order...oops!)

This upcoming week will be intense...super busy...and super fun! (Well, grant writing isn't exactly "fun!") It won't be long until I can settle into my newly decorated space, with my new stamps to create new stuff! Keep your eyes open!

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