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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stampin' Sleep-Over!!

Hi there, Stampin' Friends!!

This weekend was a so much fun at my house!! I had a Stampin' Sleepover with 2 teens (waving "Hi" to Lauren and Jenna!) on Friday night. It was gonna be 3, but one had to cancel at the last minute...I think she's pretty bummed about that. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to try another one! LOL

We stamped from about 8:30 pm Friday until 12 noon on Saturday. We slept...ummm...not one bit! I'm serious! I may be 45, but I can still hang out with the young girls!!

I took some pictures and my hubby took some pictures. I'll post them here through a couple of blog posts. You will be impressed by the artwork of these young women!! Everything used was from Stampin' Up, with the exception of 2 embellishments. We started with this week's Color Dare (basic gray, marina mist and cherry cobbler). The girls each designed one card, then duplicated each other! They found out how long it takes to design, and how quickly you can reproduce! Could come in handy for Christmas cards later. ;-) Then we had a LOT of fun with the magnet sheets, my Big Shot, and the Sale-a-Bration "Ice Cream Parlor" paper pack. I now know that I will be stocking up on the magnet sheets to make quick gifts...SO easy to use! I also introduced them to my brayer and the Presto Specialty Designer Paper.

Around 2 a.m. I could tell we were all getting sleepy, so I talked about the projects we would do later. The girls' eyes lit up, and we caught our 2nd wind!! They got excited about making chipboard books with kits I bought from the Clearance Rack. It was a long project, but when you have all night, you gotta fill the time, right?

After breakfast, made by my dear hubby, we made Fancy Favor treat bags. Then, each of the girls came up with their own color challenges. I used one to teach the Baby Wipe technique. I'll post those pictures later.

As you can imagine, I was exhausted when all was stamped, said, and done! I crashed on the couch, and eventually got to my real bed until I awoke for church this morning! But it was so worth it!!

I must admit, if I ever schedule this again, it won't be on Daylight Savings Time weekend! Bad time to lose an hour of sleep! LOL!!

Inky {{{HUGS}}}


  1. Kim, you are Wonder Woman! There is no way I could stay up all night, even with the fun of stamping :-)

  2. Wow! I'm pretty impressed! There is NO way I could pull an all-nighter, anymore. It would take me a week to recover! Haha! I'm so happy that ou all had such a fun time! It is so much fun sharing creativity and everyone had some awesome projects. :)

  3. Wow, what fun! I doubt I would have made it that long though!! :)