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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fabulous Day 1

When I decided to blog about my experience in Italy, I knew it would be hard to select the best highlights.   That proven true on this beautiful day 1.  Wow!

I could talk about the smooth flight and friendly people who got us here.  I could talk about the extreme fatigue we felt, but also the determination to stay up all day so we get on local time.  Then there was a wonderful walk to St. Peter's Square.  Oh my.  We didn't go in today, but just wanted to see it briefly.  Soooooo beautiful!  The walk/ride back took extra long as we had to avoid one corner(no curb cuts) and we went way out of our way!  I could tell you about the charming courtyard of our hotel where we had a wonderful afternoon snack or the cozy pizzeria where we enjoyed dinner outside.  There were street performers and vendors around Trestavere fountain, outside St. Mary's...and precious children at play.  And St Mary's was beyond description!  Going to Mass there in the morning.

But truly the best highlight was to do this all with my husband!  Bruce got a serious work out today, pushing me over the cobblestone roads for several miles today!  And he did it so lovingly.   God truly knew the kind of man I needed 20 years ago!  And God knows Bruce is still the right man for me!

Can't figure out how to move pics in a blog post on my tablet.  Just keep scrolling down.

It's late in Italy now...good night!


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