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Monday, October 14, 2013

MAJOR Changes coming to my blog!

Hello Stamping friends!

I realize I have not posted much this year, but I still enjoy stamping.  But I also enjoy keynote speaking and writing, and those things will be taking more of my time in the coming months.

Because the url for this blog is my actual name, and because my colleagues recognize it, I am changing this blog to reflections and thoughts on the Culture of Life.  It will definitely be a switch from my current crafty posts!

If you still want to see my cards and other stamping projects, you can check out the new address...

No cards there yet...but stayed tuned!

In the meantime... I will be posting reflections on my upcoming vacation to Italy!!  My hubby and I will be enjoying nearly 3 weeks in that beautiful country, and I want to share some pictures and thoughts with you!

Before I post anything from Italy, I still have a lot to do for work...board meeting tomorrow...Walk for Life announcements... Pastor Appreciation stuff...

But I will be back soon!


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