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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Still Cold, but Don't Stop Fighting for LIFE!

Good morning!  Sort of...  I woke up to another day of 10 degrees below zero.  That's air temp, not wind chill.  Brrrrrrrrr.  On the bright side, I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt again.  I showered, but didn't do my hair.  Usually, I go into the office on Tuesdays, but we are closed again.  Our two nurses are stranded in their rural communities, and no one wants to be driving in these brutal temps, if they can avoid it.

I am also still struggling with bronchitis, so it is just as well that I keep my distance.  Hopefully, I will get some work done today.  Sanctity of Life Sunday is just around the corner.  WCC has a prayer service every year, for the entire community.  There is still a lot to do for that...oh boy.

I am also working on stuff for our upcoming Banquet for Life, to be held April 24th.  I am always nervous about the details of the event...there are many...but yet God always provides just what we need when we need it.  We have an amazing speaker scheduled for this year's event, Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation.  Pro-life Rock Star!  Now, I need to work on underwriting...the hardest part of the event.  Plus start getting my team ready for the planning: table hosts, decorations, program.  Yep, there's a lot to do!

On a day like this, when the world outside is at a standstill, it can be so easy to stop everything inside, too.  But I reminded myself today that God has called me to these tasks.  Yes, it's a job...but it is more than that:  it is a vocation.  When you want to see abortion knocked off the face of the earth, you cannot stop the work.  There is too much to do!

  • We must pray every day for women to choose life
  • We must support our local pregnancy resource ministry with our prayers, our treasure, our time
  • We must educate our family and friends about the truth of abortion...and then educate them on REAL solutions, such as adoption or parenting with help from places like Women's Care Clinic
  • We must utilize the tools available to us, like blogs, Facebook, Twitter...or even old fashioned approaches such as Letters to the Editor or an actual face-to-face conversation over lunch
  • And we must pray again...without ceasing!

Later this month, the National March for Life will be held in Washington DC...and other marches will occur in San Francisco and Chicago.  Many in the media will try to avoid these huge events, but the truth is, our country is waking up!  Abortion is not a is just another problem being handed to women all dressed up in pretty words like choice.  The young people who march proudly call themselves the Pro-Life Generation.  I cannot wait to see what miracles God will be doing through them this year!

So, I am going to get back to my work.  All I have to do is picture someone's baby, and I know I am doing the right thing!


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