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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Week with No Stamps...GASP!

No, I am not in time-out!!

I am on vacation away from home (as opposed to several vacation days I take in my craft room!)

I will be visiting with lots of family, and I did not want to carry my stampin' stuff with me. If it was just me and mom, then I would have! That's for another trip!

So my posts will be rare...maybe I'll get a picture of some nice scenery.

I will share this fun bit of info. My Nurse Manager is working with three of our volunteers and a great training program to get the nurses ready to perform limited obstetric ultrasound at the clinic! We will have just over 60 pregnant women come in...and Mary K wanted to give these women a card with an ultrasound picture of their precious unborn baby. So, I designed a Clean and Simple (CAS) card...left tools ink and card stock...gave brief instructions (my administrative assistant has done some stamping, so she will confidently lead the way!)...and the staff will make cards while I am gone!!

Baby pictures...

Now that is Stamping for LIFE!!!

Inky {{{HUGS}}}


  1. Oh...what a "fun vacation" for those left at work as well!

  2. Enjoy your time away..come back refreshed!

  3. I had a week without stamps, too. I was glad to get away, but glad to get back. The "homework" you left behind at the clinic sounds so wonderful. Please post a picture of them when you get back.