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Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Giving this a try...

Buono Sera!

Yes, I am home now, but that doesn't mean I no longer get to greet you in Italian, right?  I hope the urge to do so does not go away too quickly.

A blog I recently began following, Conversion Diary by Jennifer Fulwiler, has a fun feature she calls 7 Quick Takes.  I decided to join in on the fun...though I barely know what I am doing!  But, I have nothing to lose, right?


Arriving home just before midnight, after roughly 25 hours of travel with very little sleep, did not impact me as much as I expected.  Bruce and I got up at a decent hour (he earlier than I did, of course) and he made a delicious breakfast.  I spent the rest of the morning checking Facebook, a few blogs, and pictures of Pope Francis from the General Audience we attended.  I also talked with my mom about the trip...especially about The Hug.  I am still in a daze!


THEN the long travel hit me...afternoon and evening I was out cold.  I think of people who travel all the time for speaking and such...Father Frank Pavone, Teresa Tomeo, David do they do it?  I better get my endurance built up!


So yes...the truth is, I am NOT writing this on Friday.  But in my defense, I would have, had I not been wiped out from the best vacation of my life.  I will work harder to be on time in upcoming weeks.  Truly, I will.  


After weeks of different food, can I tell you how amazing buttermilk pancakes taste?  Bruce makes fabulous pancakes.  Another reason to love him.


And after weeks of travel, sleeping in my own bed with my own pillow was amazing.  And my own shower, with my own grab bars and shower seat measured for me.  Seriously helped me appreciate the blessings I have.  I had to adjust a lot on the trip, and would not have been able to do much without Bruce.  Have I told you I love him?


On the long trans-Atlantic flight from Frankfurt to Philly, a young mom had an infant who cried almost non-stop. Mom looked very young, reminding me of our clients at Women's Care Clinic.  Like any mom, she was trying desperately to calm her baby down.  I was powerless to do anything tangible, but I prayed for them.  Had to be an important reason to take a baby on a 9 hour flight.  I think it would be good if we all prayed for young parents with fussy kids.  Doesn't mean the parents are bad, or the kids are unhealthy.  Might just be an uncomfortable a huge plane with weird sounds and movements.  Yep...pray for young families.


I hope to continue writing...though it may not be as exciting as a trip to Italy, and a Hug from the Pope...but I hope you stick around.  (We have been looking at the Vatican website, and will be ordering some pictures.  Don't know if I can get a digital one to post here...but if I can, I will!) This could be fun!!


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