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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Night at the Opera

Buon Giorno!
First thing, I am confessing that this post is being composed well after the actual day of these events.  Just gradually catching up.

While planing our vacation, Bruce was the one who suggested we end our trip in Milan.  He even suggested that we go to La Scala!  Now to understand the significance of this, you have to know that my husband doesn't listen to all.  He attends some local symphony concerts with me, but definitely prefers the performances with lighter music.  I only listen to opera occasionally, but when I do, I really enjoy it.  I am in awe of the talent opera singers have...the power of there voices, the control over long phrases or hushed tones.  It is beautiful!

Once we decided which days we would be in Milan, I looked up the schedule at La Scala, and saw that Giuseppe Verdi's "Aida" would be on stage.  This is an amazing production!  I could not order tickets until August, and then it was tough because I needed wheelchair accessible seating.  Turns out that I sat behind the last row of seats, and Bruce had to sit on a tiny seat that folded down from the back wall.  Not comfortable at all.  Plus, his feet were on an air grate that made noise if he moved much.  (This is an OLD theater!) But he put it in perspective, "It kept me awake.  I had to make sure I didn't fall off!"  The opera was absolutely beautiful.  The voices, orchestra, set, costumes...Italians know how to do opera!

I will say that before the opera, earlier in the day, we went to the museum next door.  (Pictures not allowed in there.)  We saw beautiful oil portraits of opera stars from past centuries, fun memorabilia like opera scores, binoculars and conductors' batons.  Bruce likes history, so he did enjoy that part.  We also found a fun, modern coffee shop across the street, where we had a delicious afternoon snack:  Cappuccinos and cookies!  We were worried about steps, but they had a very nice chair lift.  Even a large accessible bathroom on the main restaurant level.  I point this out because, well, we didn't see many of those!

That evening, we had to take the subway from our hotel to the opera house.  Knowing that we would be traveling late at night, we didn't bring our camera or tablet for the performance.  I figured I could not take pics during the opera any way.  But shucks, we got there early...and it would have been fun to get a picture of us dressed up for the opera.  But trust me...we were there!

This opera is a tragedy.  The main characters die.  But not fast enough for Bruce.  The performance took about 3 hours, including intermission.  Bruce told me what he was thinking during the final act, when the hero and heroine are left in an underground tomb, dying in each others' arms... "How much air is down there?  They keep singing!  Why don't they die already?"

Precious, honey, and remarkably honest.  One of the reasons why I love you!!  


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