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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Arrivederci, Italia! We're on our way home!

Buon giorno!

What an amazing vacation we have had!  I hope you have had fun reading my thoughts.   It has been fun to share this with you.

Today, we catch a flight home.   But throughout the days here, I have jotted down some random thoughts.

  • I think a couple of our cabbies in Rome were stunt drivers for "The Italian Job." 
  • Just because you are in Italy, doesn't mean the lasagne is better than mom's. 
  • One of the best things about being Catholic is knowing the mass, and being able to participate no matter where you are. 
  • It must be universal. Small children chasing large flocks of pigeons in a city park is a delightful sight 
  • Which came first? People in wheelchairs not going out in the community because bus lifts don't work or bus lifts not getting fixed because no one was using them and demanding that they be fixed? 
  • But at least the Italians realize much of their country is unreachable or difficult for wheelchairs. Many sites were free of charge to me and a companion (Bruce!) 
  • The sound of bells ringing from a nearby church is beautiful. Even though people now have watches and cell phones with the time on them, I think we should revive bell towers. 
  • A long slow dinner looking out on a piazza, watching street vendors and musicians,  is something I would like to do every week. 
  • I will be happy to wear some of my favorite sweaters and other clothes I had left home, but it is good to know that I can live on a very limited wardrobe if the need arises. 
  • Museums are wonderful, but walking through so many churches is even better. 
  • While I love the look of cobblestone, my hips and back will always prefer concrete or asphalt. 
  • Window shopping at Gucci and Prada is a lot of fun in Italy, which is good, because real shopping would mean I'd have to sell my return home ticket.
  • Lots of people smoke in Italy. Kinda sad. 
  • Three weeks in Italy, lots of time in big cities, and I witnessed very little yelling, no fights, no police sirens. Busy, fast moving traffic and yet we witnessed no accidents. Wow. 
  • Sadly, the saggy pants trend is in Italy too. But it is combined with the skinny jean trend. That's just wrong on so many counts.
  • If you are blessed to travel to Italy, save money for eating out at a nice place at least once. Crazy expensive, but so worth it. 
  • I heard that churches in Italy were empty on Sundays, but they weren't. That made me happy. 
  • No matter how tired you are from walking, be careful before sitting on a beautiful brick wall along a river in a city full of pigeons. Even more so, be careful where you place your hands. 
  • Rick Steves recommended one full day in Florence if you have a three week trip to Italy. Not enough time. We had two days (plus one in Siena) and I wanted more. How did Rick mess this one up? 
  • It's official, I now like cappuccino. 
  • Some art, perhaps most, cannot be truly appreciated until seen in person. 
  • The weather was unseasonably warm and everything is still green. I am pretty sure that I would still like it here if it wasn't. 
  • So many of us in the United States dream of traveling overseas, but it is really nice to meet people who dream of traveling to the United States. We are a blessed nation! 
  • An extended trip with the love of your life should be on everyone's to do list. 
  • Great views, delicious food, beautiful churches... yet nothing tops a hug from the Pope. 
Catch you soon, or at least when the jet lag wears off!


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