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Friday, December 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes...Actually on Time!

Hello!  It has been a while.  Too long, in fact.  I am considering writing several posts between now and the 31st so I can catch up.  End of the year reflections do that sort of thing.

I am participating in the fun blog activity of posting 7 things, generally unrelated, as seen on one of my favorite blogs, Conversion Diary


I have learned that blogging is harder than it looks.  Well, I knew that.  But really, I need to be more disciplined with this!


I am very grateful that my husband and I were not hosting Christmas for the family...either side.  We barely have things decorated, and the house is a mess.  But I am having a party for ministry volunteers on Sunday.  Oh boy.


My husband is a very good cook.  My waistline is evidence.  His latest culinary accomplishment is a rosemary/olive bread, baked from scratch.  We served it (at my brother's house) with the delicious olive oil we bought in Italy.  So sorry you cannot experience it...but trust me.  Delicioso!!


I did not complete my handcrafted Christmas cards this year.  Once I fall behind, it is hard to get my mojo back.  The good news is that once I freed myself of that "burden" I felt free to create again.  I made a couple of baby cards and 5 birthday cards this week!  I even updated my stamping blog:  Stamping for LIFE!


Every year, since I was a kid, my mom (and dad while he was still living) has given me a book for Christmas.  She also gives books to my siblings and their spouses and kids.  It is a great tradition.  Since I began studying Dominican spirituality, I asked for something about or by St. Catherine of Siena.  I got 2 books!  One biography, and St Catherine's "The Dialogue."  Looks like 2014 will begin with great reading!


Many people are thinking about New Year's resolutions.  Me too.  More reading, more writing, less Facebook, less television.  More exercise too.  Maybe.  I should...sigh


Then there is the need for more prayer.  Always.  I have quite a year coming up for raising, hopefully more speaking.  The only way to stay on track and stay healthy is to spend time in serious prayer.  I think I'll check with St. Catherine for some ideas!

Feel free to let me know about any great new foods you had, or resolutions for 2014.  I could also use some tips on being motivated for that exercise stuff!


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