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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Breaking Blog Rules

I did something over the last few days that may be "against the rules" in the blogosphere.  But since I am new at this, and I really don't "know" the rules yet, I am doing it anyway!

I wrote several posts and back-dated them.  Yikes.  That way it looks like I have been writing all along.  To be fair, a few of these posts were started weeks ago, but not finished.  (I still have more to do!)

Why did I do such a crazy, time-consuming thing?  It's because of my "Year in Review" letter.  You know, the kind of letter that gets mailed out with Christmas cards.  I didn't finish Christmas cards this year, so I decided to just send a letter by itself.  In that letter is a tidbit about this blog, primarily because of vacation.  I wanted people to be able to come here and check things out.  It was fun to look back, any way.  Plus, Bruce & I talked with our pastor, Father Nelson about doing a presentation at church sometime in 2014.  We will probably do something during Lent.  We have lots of pictures and memories, but I want to be able to present more information, such as the significance of certain churches.

Oh, and I'll talk about that Hug from the Pope.  'Cuz I still can't believe it.  It still amazes me.  What a blessing, right?

I will post the content of my 2013 letter here tomorrow.  Stop by again!


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