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Friday, July 11, 2014

Another 7 Quick Takes

I had every intention to write this post up in advance to go "live" this morning.  Well, apparently not every intention, because I didn't get it done.  Now, I am writing it up quickly because I have company coming this afternoon!  WooHoo!


Over the last several days, I have been busy making cards for the Color Challenges on Splitcoaststampers.  It is a bit of an obsession for me, but a fun one!  Last year, I tried to do each of the challenges (posted every Tuesday) but I missed quite a few.   So trying it again for 2014.  I think there are times when we fall short of a goal that we need to try again.  Clearly color challenges for card making are not earth-shattering, but practicing perseverance (or diligence) can bring about fantastic results! 


My dear husband, Bruce has been working lots of overtime recently.  Sometimes it drives me nuts, other times I am grateful.  In these economic times, I have to remind myself that Bruce has a job...with benefits...and a short commute...and good pay.  We are REMARKABLY blessed!  I am also glad he has a great work ethic.  Sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and thank God in my heart and mind, but also out loud, for all He has done for us!  Deo Gratias!


Last weekend, Bruce & I attended the graduation party for 2 of our nephews, Daniel & Sam.  They are not twins, but Daniel graduated from college and Sam from high school.  Their family lives in a fabulously large, yet very comfortable home.  My sister-in-law, Laura, loves to entertain.  One of the big traditions at their home is hours of karaoke.  They have the same karaoke people come to their parties...they're like family!  And speaking of family, Bruce (on the right) always sings with one of his brothers, George.  I don't remember what they were singing was, well, interesting.  Don't quit your day jobs, guys!  {{Mwah!}}


So, last week I began telling more people about the fact that I left my job in May.  I received so much encouragement and support!  I am still adjusting to this big change...and inevitably I will feel weird about it off and on.  Again, I am at peace with my decision.  But as various events come up, I will be mindful of the various tasks that kept me busy.  Ultimately, God will lead me in new tasks and on new "adventures."  It will just be an up and down journey!

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At my Lay Dominican meeting last weekend, our formation director said we should do some light reading over the next month.  Our August meeting will be delayed a bit, and we will be celebrating the Feast of St. Dominic.  So, we are going to read through Butler's Lives of the Saints..well July and half of August.  This is a very famous book, and I can hardly believe we don't own it here.  So, I will go online to order the short version (I think there is a multi-volume set somewhere) and learn more about heroes of the Faith.  From what I understand, there are many listed who are not very "famous" these days...but their fidelity to Christ and His Church make them important role models.  Should be fun and interesting reading!

Ok, I am running out of time and ideas.  This is just filler.  Ha!


So now, I need to get ready for my guests!  Friends, who used to live here in Danville but now live in Georgia, are up in Illinois for their annual family reunion.  After hanging with the family, they take time to see others in town...and we will be blessed tonight by their visit.  Becky & Wally sang in church choir with us for years, and we watched their 4 kids grow up.  Their oldest still lives in town, and we see him from time to time.  We'll be talking, laughing, and eating pizza!  (Oh, and we'll be sharing pictures from Italy!)  Friends, fellowship, food.  I love simple pleasures!

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