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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy to Have Mad Goat

Happy Tuesday!

Nothing major today...just a simple quick note.

Many times this summer, I have taken my scooter wheelchair up to a new local business, Mad Goat Coffee.  I'm not even a big coffee drinker!  However, I really believe supporting local businesses is an important thing to do, so I have been visiting this little shop as much as I can.  Usually, I come on Tuesdays, so I even started a hashtag... #MadGoatTuesday.  Does that make me trendy, or weird?

I usually bring a book, sometimes my laptop, and sit for quite a while.  Some days I run into friends and colleagues.  It's such a nice relaxing place to go!

Oh...and this is big for me...the bathroom is wheelchair accessible, even large enough for my scooter!  WooHoo!  That may sound silly, but wow!  *wink*

Whether I get a smoothie (the strawberry banana one is the BEST) or actual coffee, I almost always pair it with a muffin.  Yum.  My pastry weakness.  Today, a latte and blueberry muffin.  I also reviewed some of my Dominican formation information.

I met one of the co-owners through the ministry of Women's Care Clinic.  Hannah is a birth doula...very cool! (WCC doesn't have doulas...yet...but she attended some of our events.)  She is due to have baby #4 very soon.  I love her view of motherhood, pregnancy, and birth.

So, yep...I am happy to have this small local business to support.  Hopefully, it won't be too small for too long!

Cheers...and Blessings,

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